Wooden Dice

started with an idea

What once was a quote-on-quote brilliant idea, lead to the complete scraping of the entire game itself. It just did not work, the game-play failed. But a little tenaciousness lead to a reconceptualization and subsequently drawing traffic symbols on wooden dice. Then a successful game night and well, as the saying goes...the rest is history. Now you're able to enjoy Directionally Challenged with your friends & family. Remember, have fun! 



Instruction/ Rules:


Objective of Game: Players start with a few chips, take turns rolling dice to determine which direction they should pass or receive chips. The objective is to be the only player with any chips remaining. Fast-paced dice game for Age 8+


Choosing a player to start: This can be the oldest or youngest player, previous winner or any method you determine.


Number of Players: A minimum of 3 players is required, up to 8. A minimum of three chips should be given to each player, but we recommended six for extended game play.


Each player must roll the number of dice equivalent to the amount of chips they possess, unless player has more chips than dice, then roll all three die.


  • Ex. If a player has 1 or 2 chips, the player can only roll one or two of the three dice.


Each time a player rolls, the player must execute the directions of the signs on the top side of the dice. No order of execution required, players discretion.


After player rolls, player to the left (clockwise) will subsequently roll.


Each dice has six sides:


  • Two-Way Traffic: If rolled, between you and the player across from you, the player with the most chips at the time of the roll must give a chip to the other player.

  • Crossroads: If rolled, you decide who give you a chip.

  • U-Turn: If rolled, you can keep your chip.

  • Roundabout: If rolled, place a chip in the center.

  • Fork in the Road: If rolled, you must give a chip to the person to your left or right, dependent upon which player has the least amount of chips between them.


If Two-Way Traffic is rolled and both players have the same amount of chips, then neither player exchanges chips.


If Two-Way Traffic is rolled and if and when playing with odd number of players, skip player immediate to your left (clockwise) and proceed with engaging in two-way traffic with next player.


If Fork in the Road is rolled and both players have the same amount of chips, then neither player receives a chip.


End game and determine winner: Once a player is without chips, the player is removed from the game. The player who retains chip(s) is the winner and subsequently is awarded the chips in the roundabout (center).


Important: At all times, all players must have chips visibly displayed.


Up the Stakes: Instead of chips, play with quarters or even dollars, certainly it will intensify the game play.